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What Are the Correct Professional Upholstery Cleaning Procedures?

Our service motto and mission is to make you smile by providing you with the best service experience ever. this is not just a clever saying, it’s also our guarantee. Because we hold such a high standard of excellence, we make sure to use only the proper professional cleaning procedures for your upholstery and fabrics.

The steps for proper upholstery cleaning include:

–Pre-inspection with Fiber Identification

–Set up with precautions taken to protect flooring and furnishings

–Pre-vacuum to remove loose soil

–Pre-condition with fabric-appropriate cleaning solutions

–Specialty spotting for stubborn spots and stains

–Agitation, as needed and appropriate

–Rinse and Extraction with low-moisture cleaning tools

–Application of fabric protection

–Grooming the nap, as indicated by fabric construction

–Drying, as appropriate for fabric content and weave

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