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Summit Cleaning Services donating to Food For Thought

Now Until Mother’s Day (May 8th, 2016)

Starting Monday, April 18 until Mother’s Day, Summit Cleaning Services will donate 10% of their sales to Food For Thought.

For over 15 years, Summit Cleaning Services has provided local residents of Carson City, Reno, Carson Valley and Lake Tahoe with certified cleaning of carpeting, area rugs, upholstery, leather, tile and wood flooring, along with MicroSeal, a lifetime fabric and fiber protector.

“Every year, we try to give back to the community in a real way,” said Stephen Jaenchen, owner of Summit Cleaning Services. In past years, Summit has helped support the NV Children’s Museum, the Carson Tahoe Cancer Resource Center, and the Ron Wood Family Resource Center.

“When the discussion came up this year, my office manager, Charlene Billow, mentioned Food For Thought as a great community service we could support, said Stephen. He continued, “I had no idea the extent of childhood hunger that existed right here in our community, and I am proud of our entire team for supporting this cause with such enthusiasm.” “We hope that this campaign will raise much needed funds for Food For Thought, but also raise much needed awareness of the situation here,” Stephen concluded.

Food For Thought, Inc. is a non-profit organization that provides elementary, middle and high school children with a bag of food on Fridays at their school for consumption over the weekend. Hundreds of meals are distributed every week during the school year.

For more information about volunteering and sponsorship to help local children focus on being good students and not worrying about their next meal, please contact Food For Thought at: or 775-885-7770.

To participate in this drive, contact Summit Cleaning Services by April 22 at 267-9960.

The Importance Of Regular Cleaning

Whether you installed the carpets in your home or you moved into a home that already had wall-to-wall carpeting, you must know that carpet is an expensive though worthwhile investment. If you were around when the carpet was installed, you know all the work and material that goes into having it put in. This combination makes for a quite a pricey textile. A typical mid-range carpet installation in Carson Tahoe can easily run upwards of $2,000. It is not rare to be charged $6,000 for a carpet install. Clearly, then, it is important that you preserve the life of your carpet by investing in Carson Tahoe carpet cleaners like Summit Cleaning Services.

This kind of investment is far less than having new carpets installed because they have been worn beyond their limit. Did you know that dirty carpets wear out much faster than clean ones? The dirt that becomes wedged between carpet fibers cuts through them as you walk over the carpet, wearing down the pile and causing it to look more worn than if it was cleaned regularly. You may have noticed the larger fibers that get vacuumed up along with the dirt, dust and hair if you have a bag-less vacuum. This is because the damage that has already been done has separated some fibers from the rest of the carpet altogether. This can be prevented with routine carpet cleaning by Summit Cleaning Services.

When it is suggested that you should clean your carpet “regularly,” how often does that really mean? Most manufacturers of carpets suggest that you employ professionals like Summit Cleaning Services every year to year and a half. Some people argue that their carpets still look clean and do not need a professional treatment this time around. When you realize the damage the unseen dirt is doing, you will understand the importance of regular professional carpet cleaning.

Professionals offer a deeper, more effective cleaning than you could accomplish on your own. The reason for this is because they have the right training and the ideal equipment for the job. The investment that Summit Cleaning Services make on the equipment they use equates to several thousand dollars, which is part of what the fees they charge go toward paying for. With a well-known carpet cleaner in the Carson Tahoe area, you will already know what to expect before they get to the door. A company whose positive reputation precedes them is important as you select the right service to do business with.

Give Summit Cleaning Services a call and we will make your carpets look like they did when you first got them. Call us at 775.831.9495 • 775.267.9960 or visit our website @