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Get Your Rugs Cleaned Today!

Are your rugs getting soiled by the back to school traffic? Summit Cleaning Services can help! Our professional rug cleaning service will make your favorite rugs look as good as new. So give us a call at 775.831.9495 • 775.267.9960 or visit our website @ www.summit-cleaning.com to schedule your carpet or rug cleaning.

Attention Business Owners:

Summit Cleaning’s fleet of truck mounted hot water extraction equipment is the most technologically advanced HWE system available. We can extract problems that other companies would consider impossible. Our knowledge in chemistry and in the environmental sciences further ensures a safe and healthy working environment for your employees and customers. With the most advanced fleet in the Carson/Tahoe area, we can custom fit a one-time cleaning or restoration maintenance program around your business’ working schedule. Don’t settle for anything less than being part of Summit Cleaning’s family of commercial clients.

Call 775.831.9495 • 775.267.9960 or visit our website @ www.summit-cleaning.com/commercialservices.php to schedule an estimate.

The Importance Of Regular Cleaning

Whether you installed the carpets in your home or you moved into a home that already had wall-to-wall carpeting, you must know that carpet is an expensive though worthwhile investment. If you were around when the carpet was installed, you know all the work and material that goes into having it put in. This combination makes for a quite a pricey textile. A typical mid-range carpet installation in Carson Tahoe can easily run upwards of $2,000. It is not rare to be charged $6,000 for a carpet install. Clearly, then, it is important that you preserve the life of your carpet by investing in Carson Tahoe carpet cleaners like Summit Cleaning Services.

This kind of investment is far less than having new carpets installed because they have been worn beyond their limit. Did you know that dirty carpets wear out much faster than clean ones? The dirt that becomes wedged between carpet fibers cuts through them as you walk over the carpet, wearing down the pile and causing it to look more worn than if it was cleaned regularly. You may have noticed the larger fibers that get vacuumed up along with the dirt, dust and hair if you have a bag-less vacuum. This is because the damage that has already been done has separated some fibers from the rest of the carpet altogether. This can be prevented with routine carpet cleaning by Summit Cleaning Services.

When it is suggested that you should clean your carpet “regularly,” how often does that really mean? Most manufacturers of carpets suggest that you employ professionals like Summit Cleaning Services every year to year and a half. Some people argue that their carpets still look clean and do not need a professional treatment this time around. When you realize the damage the unseen dirt is doing, you will understand the importance of regular professional carpet cleaning.

Professionals offer a deeper, more effective cleaning than you could accomplish on your own. The reason for this is because they have the right training and the ideal equipment for the job. The investment that Summit Cleaning Services make on the equipment they use equates to several thousand dollars, which is part of what the fees they charge go toward paying for. With a well-known carpet cleaner in the Carson Tahoe area, you will already know what to expect before they get to the door. A company whose positive reputation precedes them is important as you select the right service to do business with.

Give Summit Cleaning Services a call and we will make your carpets look like they did when you first got them. Call us at 775.831.9495 • 775.267.9960 or visit our website @ www.summit-cleaning.com.

What are those ugly black lines around the baseboards and under doorways?

If you have light colored carpet, you may have experienced these dark lines that appear on the carpet. This soiling is called filtration soiling because it comes from air passing through the carpet as it is attempting to get through the crack between the carpet and the baseboard or under a closed door. As the air passes through the edge of the carpet pile, this microscopic soiling is deposited there (hence the term filtration soiling). This occurs over a significant period of time and is not noticed until a build up has occurred.

This type of soiling is difficult to remove because the soil particles are so fine that they penetrate deep into the carpet pile, sometimes into the backing of the carpet. Can it be removed? Sometimes. With special products, time and effort, reasonable results can sometimes be achieved. To help prevent filtration soiling, vacuum and wipe the edges of the carpeting on a regular basis. Be careful around the tackstrip on the edge of the carpeting, it could nick your fingers!

For more answers to frequently asked questions about carpet cleaning, visit www.summit-cleaning.com.

How Long Does It Take For My Carpets To Dry After They’ve Been Cleaning?

The normal drying time for carpet cleaning should only take anywhere from 6 to 8 hours depending on weather conditions, room temperature, air flow, and overall conditions. Ideally, dryer weather and open windows and fans get the fastest results. If it is hot and humid, close the windows and turn up the fans and AC.

For more answers to frequently asked questions about carpet cleaning, visit us online at http://www.summit-cleaning.com/faq.php.

Back-to-school carpet challenges and their solutions

For kids and parents alike, August is one of the most exciting times of year! Back to school, children are excited about new teachers, new classrooms, friends and activities. But as children re-engage in sports and after-school activities, filthy shoes can mean stains for your carpeting. Here’s a quick list of back-to-school carpet challenges and their solutions.

Dirt and Mud. Sure, we love it when our kids are involved in outside sports and play, but tracking into the house can make for a disaster, especially on rainy days. One of the first things we tend to do is rush to scrub up the dirt or mud. Instead, allow the area to dry and then vacuum what you can before attempting to clean soil out of carpets. Once you vacuum dry particles from carpet, you can use plain water or a vinegar solution to gently blot out any remaining soil. Remember, the majority of wear and tear on your carpet and rugs is caused by not vacuuming enough. Don’t stress the dirt – just vacuum it!

Crayons. Crayons are a back-to-school staple, and all too easily left out, only to be stepped on later. If you end up with a dash of unexpected color in your carpet, start by vacuuming all crayon particles out of the area. Remaining small crayon bits that have adhered to carpet fibers can be removed just like candle wax (check out Manufacture’s Spotting Tips for details on wax). Remember to be patient, this tip works well but can take a little time.

Watercolor paints. Most carpets can and will handle a few spills in their time, and the overturned watercolor wash cup never fails to leave a darkened, murky-looking spot in fibers. If you are confronted with this or any other ‘washable’ art or craft substance in your carpeting, always start with clean, warm water and fresh white towels (to prevent additional marking or color transfer, as well as to clearly see what you have removed during the cleaning process). Repeated blotting may be all that is necessary. Be patient, and avoid scrub brushes, or anything with bristles, that can ultimately damage carpet fibers.

Ink, gum or other similar substances: Some fiber care cleanup can pose a real challenge… either because of the fiber type or the spilled substance itself. If you have a spill or stain you think may be potentially difficult to remove, call us! It can also be helpful to check with your carpet, upholstery or rug manufacturer for details, or check with the product manufacturer (spilled/stain substance).