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Summit Cleaning Services is a full-service hardwood cleaning company serving the North Lake Tahoe and the Carson City area.
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Our Mission: To Make You Smile by Providing You With the Most Outstanding Service Experience Ever!
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Carson City Hardwood Cleaning

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The Dirt Dragon hardwood floor cleaning machine

Your Beautiful Hardwood Foors Require Special Care

Summit Cleaning Services provides expert hardwood floor care and cleaning for your home. These fine and expensive floors present a number of cleaning challenges, that must be addressed properly if you want quality results that last.

Using the advanced technology of the latest generation in wood floor care enables Summit Cleaning to produce results you only dreamed of just a few years ago. Cleaner, quicker with better results than ever, Summit Cleaning can clean and restore the beauty of your hardwood floors.

We use special a dust free process specially designed to help you to avoid the dust storm that comes with sanding. After all, who wants all that wood dust filling your house? You get enough dust already! Don't you?

Unless your hardwood floors have been badly damaged, we can make your fine (and expensive) wood floors look almost new again. However, our hardwood floor care process will not restore areas of your wood flooring that have been damaged by water or areas worn from loss of polyurethane or deep scratches. In many cases though we can still make your wood floors look much better. If your wood floor is too badly damaged, please understand that we can not guarantee the same outstanding results we normally achieve for you.

Summit Cleaning uses a special 8-step process to care for your precious hardwood floors. We only use the best high-end products and tools specially designed and formulated for heavy traffic on commercial and residential hardwood floors. We use the best to give you the best optimal results for your home.

This combination of our exclusive 8-step hardwood floor care process with the right professional products and tools is designed to provide you with unmatched durability and beauty you can be proud of.

The Exclusive Summit Cleaning 8-Step Process

How does our special 8-step hardwood floor care & cleaning process benefit you and give you the best results for your wood floors? Take a look for yourself!


Before we can begin cleaning and caring for your hardwood floors, we need to first determine what we are up against. Our technicians will first determine if your floor contains any wax, oily residue, or any other contaminants which may affect the quality of our work for you and the adhesion of the new finish. At the same time we can also determine what the best method of care will be.

Area Preparation & Protection

We make sure prepare the areas surrounding your wood floor. We make sure not to disturb any of the other floor types that connect to your wood floor. This is also the point when we move all furniture that will be cleaned under. Additionally, we make sure to protect your walls and other furniture with the appropriate protectors to avoid damaging your home while we work on cleaning and caring for your wood flooring.

Dry Soil Removal

This may seem like a simple step, but it is one of the most important steps we can take to ensure a quality job for you. Our technicians will thoroughly sweep and vacuum the entire area where we will be working for you to maximize the results we can obtain for you. As with any cleaning process, dry soil removal is of critical importance.


Our special professional cleaning process uses multiple applications of cleaning solutions, along with using state-of-the-art equipment which PRODUCES NO DUST WHATSOEVER! Surface accumulations of common household pollutants like food residues or pet oils are removed without abrading your floor to expose any bare wood.

Resurfacing & New Finish

After your wood floors have been thoroughly cleaned, it is ready for a new sparkling finish to be applied. Using the proper tools and finishes made for your particular type of wood flooring we will apply a new protective layer that will beautify your hardwood fours again and produce lasting results.


Our technicians will initiate a final walk through to ensure we did a quality job. They will then take the time to go over results with you before they leave, to make sure we made you smile by providing you with the most outstanding wood floor care service experience ever.

*Quick curing finish can be walked on with socks in only an hour and normal traffic can be resumed in 24 hours.

We care about you and the beauty of your fine hardwood floors. Why trust the beauty and quality of your wood floors to uninformed, uneducated, or downright unscrupulous cleaners! Use the cleaning service professionals you can trust to take care of your hardwood floor care and cleaning needs the right way.

Give Summit Cleaning a call today!

Let us help you get your hardwood floors looking beautiful again so you can feel proud of your home. Schedule your appointment with us or get more information. We are here to help serve your needs and to make you smile, guaranteed!

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